Babies in Daycare (Baby's in de kinderopvang)

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    Spreek je Nederlands maar denk je in het Engels? Dan is deze opleiding net iets voor jou!
    Deze e-learning is een vertaling van de e-learning Baby’s in de kinderopvang. De theorie en de praktijkopdrachten zijn vertaald naar het Engels. De artikelen in de bibliotheek zijn in het Nederlands.

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    Native English?

    Do you speak Dutch, but are you feeling more secure with the English language? Then this version of the e-learning 'Babies in daycare' is the right fit for you! You work as an English native speaker at a daycare, you understand the texts better because you've followed an education in English and/or English is your native language.

    'Babies in daycare' is a translation of the Dutch version of the e-learning 'Baby’s in de kinderopvang'. The theory and practical assignments have been translated into English. The articles in the library are in Dutch.

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    You make the difference!

    If a baby is entrusted to you by its parents, you will do everything you can to offer the baby safety, security, and optimal development opportunities. Each baby is unique and develops differently. You can stimulate their development at all age stages and associated milestones. You will have a great influence on the rest of the baby’s life. Which is extraordinary, right?

    The baby is entirely dependent on you. Your knowledge and skills largely determine the quality of the care for the baby. That is why it is so important that your knowledge about offering optimal development opportunities is up to date. You make the difference!  

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    Why is it important to take this course?

    • Babies ask for a different approach compared to toddlers, preschoolers, and school children. As a baby-expert, you want to be able to act based on specialist knowledge.

    • We know more and more about babies from scientific research. Many brain studies have been done on babies and we are happy to share the results with you. Acting on the basis of this latest knowledge ensures even more quality in the daycare.

    • The care and stimulation during the first 1000 days will have a major impact on a child's development, behavior, learning ability, health and well-being. The result of the treatment of the baby in these first few years is still noticeable when they are adults. This is the reason why your actions are of great importance. You will have a great influence on the rest of the baby’s life. Which is extraordinary, right?

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    For whom?

    This course is meant for everyone who is working with babies in daycare. This is a large group of practitioners with diverse backgrounds, experience, knowledge and skills.

    Maybe you already have years of experience working with babies, or you just graduated. Maybe you are very driven to learn more about babies. Or maybe you are taking this course because your manager requires their employees to be certified to work with babies.

    Whatever your motivation is, we hope to provide you with new knowledge and inspire you to put this knowledge into practice by using your skills.

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    In the Netherlands this course is 'IKK-certified’. To be allowed to work with babies in daycare in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to have completed additional training. As of January 1, 2025, anyone working with babies in daycare needs to have an official certificate proving that they have completed a training specialising in babies in daycare. Your certificate from this course is officially recognised.

    Practical assignments

    This course also contains 'Practical assignments'. There we ask you to carry out practical assignments at your own nursery. We ask you to include your colleagues, coach and manager in your learning progress, by asking them to collaborate with you on the practical assignments. Our team consisting of specialised educationists and subject-matter experts will grade your assignment and will provide feedback.

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    What will you learn?

    The e-learning is based on six themes: 

    1. A baby's development: the development of the brains and body of the baby. What the areas of development are and how you can stimulate the baby's development.

    2. Communication with babies: why is good contact with babies important? Which types of physical contact there are and how they affect the contact between you and the baby. How you pick up a baby in the correct way? And more!

    3. Play and activities with babies: You discover the importance of play for the baby’s development. You learn how you can positively influence the quality of the play. You also learn which toys and activities suit the baby’s needs and how you can put together a well-considered set of activities. And much more!

    4. Structure and organisation: You learn the importance of structure and organisation and the affects with daily practice. Which dilemmas you might encounter and how to deal with those.

    5. The baby’s environment: Why is a proper environment important and what are the characteristics. You learn ways in which the (educational) vision of the daycare center affects the design of the room.

    6. Cooperation with parents: Why is cooperation so important? What mutual cooperation entails. How can you coordinate the care for the baby. What is the importance of settling in? What is important during the handover at pick up and drop off time. And how to deal with conflicting interests.

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